Sabina Fenn

Sabina Fenn: Prestigious Fashion Artist – Live Illustrating the Upcoming ‘Haute Humber’ Fashion Show

Toronto based Fashion Illustrator Sabina Fenn will be live illustrating the Humber student-run fashion show ‘Haute Humber’. Sabina has worked with brands such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Cartier, and Town Shoes. She is also Canada Fashion Group’s first illustrator for Toronto Men’s and Toronto Women’s Fashion Week.


Many of her most current illustrations include Persian inspiration such as cafés and gothic architecture. Sabina’s style of art is considered elegant and effortless. Sabina’s intent is to “revive the popularity of fashion illustration among international and modern society”. Her creations include line art as well as detailed illustrations, depending on her customer’s needs. Sabina also creates custom pieces for her clients. She is able to achieve this through the use of modern digital drawing.


Sabina has an online shop where customers are able to purchase her art, including print media and custom gifts. You can also contact Sabina for live sketching of events or gatherings. On behalf of the Fashion Arts and Business students, we would like to thank Sabina for her involvement in the ‘Haute Humber’ fashion show.