Angela Demotigny

Angela DeMontigny: A Remarkable Canadian Designer Showcasing Her Talent in The Upcoming ‘Haute Humber’ Fashion Show

Native Canadian fashion designer Angela DeMontigny will be featuring her original collection in Humber College’s ‘Haute Humber’ fashion show. Her aboriginal creations are what makes her brand remarkable, and unequivocally stand out. Angela continuously designs with her culture in mind, and considers it to be the foundation of her business.


Angela has discovered that the use of social media is crucial when creating a relationship with her customers. She considers Instagram to be the most important social media tools, and is able to personally connect with her customers over direct message.


Every designer obtains their own creative process when designing a new collection. When asked what her creative process entails, Angela noted that the first thing she does, is looking at what she wants to promote. This promotion includes an image or story, that contains an educational element she wants to share with people about her culture. Angela’s Pre Fall 2018 collection was based on the “buffalo”, which in Angela’s culture is one of the 7 Grandfather teachings. She mentions that all of these teachings have an animal associated with them. The buffalo is considered to be attached with the term “respect”. Angela includes this in her line to demonstrate to the world that we need respect for women, mother earth, and different cultures.


When asked what Angela considers her ideal “super-customer” to be, she described them as someone who is their own individual, and is not afraid to dress “differently”. Someone who loves art, cultures, travel, fashion, and quality, are all traits that encompass her brand identity.


Angela is a notable designer who has attained many goals and achievements throughout her fashion career, including her boutique and gallery. She has created a groundbreaking brand that helps promote and provide opportunities for other native artists, and teaches people about her culture. Angela considers herself to be a “cultural ambassador” in the city of Hamilton, for all native communities.


Rules, culture, and structure need to exist in order to foster team collaboration. Angela considers a culture of respect and integrity to be two of these key factors. In a team setting, Angela makes sure that there is no “hierarchy”. If every team member is able to be responsible for themselves, and has the same goal in mind, they will achieve that goal through passion. Obtaining team members who consider not only themselves but others around them, are important qualities to Angela.


When asked what she wants people to know about her brand, Angela mentioned that she is “all about sustainability”. Clothing that is high quality, long lasting, fashion-forward, but has meaning, are important attributes to Angela’s brand. She creates wardrobes that include basic foundational pieces, that ultimately her customers will love. She also focuses on incorporating pieces that suit her customer’s personality and lifestyle. Angela considers herself to be “anti-fast fashion”. She believes that there is incredible talent in Canada, and we need to further promote Canadian fashion.


As for Angela’s future upcoming projects, they entail major international opportunities. On behalf of the Humber Fashion Arts & Business students, we would like to thank Angela DeMontigny for her involvement in the student-run fashion show ‘Haute Humber’, and for sitting on our program advisory committee.

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